“Un-Spamming Good Spam” in your Gmail account

Have you been waiting for an important e-mail that someone told you was “on the way”? Something you should have gotten by now?

If you’re a Gmail user, there’s a good chance those messages are in your “Spam” folder.

The next time you log in to Gmail to get your mail, have a look in your spam mail folder. If you see email in there that shouldn’t have been marked as “spam”, you might want to take a minute or two, go through a couple of easy steps to do what you can to make sure it doesn’t keep happening.

First, it’s not really Google’s fault (Gmail is a part of Google). There’s so much junk mail floating around that mail servers like Gmail and Yahoo Mail keep their spam-detection settings set to “very aggressive”.  Even a message from your mother next door can end up in your spam folder if it contains text or photos that Gmail interprets as “spammy”.

But not to worry – once you know where to look, you can apply the fix.

Here’s a great article with all the “How To” information

The easiest thing to do is:

1) Unmark real emails as “Not Spam” (see below) and

2) Set up a mail filter so Gmail knows messages from that sender are valid and you want them delivered to your Inbox.

In a nutshell… here’s how: 

Go to your Spam folder in Gmail

Find the “good” e-mails

Click on the “Not spam” button.